DA 87i Vintage Condenser Microphone

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The DA 87i delivers U87 style sound for a fraction of the price. Made from high-quality components — including our DA-K87 capsule, our proprietary recreation of the vintage circuit, and our custom output transformer.

Save thousands with the DA 87i and experience the sonic performance of history's most famous microphone.

The DA 87i comes ready for use right out of the box. DIY kits are not available at this time.

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For lovers of the vintage u87

A Groundbreaking Reproduction


DA 87i Highlights

The DA 87i delivers authentic sonic performance that is sure to impress even the most discerning ears.

Quality Materials

The elegant nickel-plated brass body provides the durability and heft you'd only expect from a significantly more expensive microphone.

Mic Capsule

The DA-K87 mic capsule has been designed to faithfully produce the same frequency response as the earliest K87 mic capsules. It delivers a warm, musical tone with remarkably smooth highs.

Vintage Circuit

The DA 87i combines our proprietary reproduction of the original vintage circuit with premium audiophile components for the ultimate blend of authentic tone and long-term reliability.

Custom Transformer

Our all-new DA-BV13 output transformer was developed specifically for the DA 87i. With a high nickel core and authentic winding ratio, the DA-BV13 delivers exceptional bandwidth and low phase shift.

"the closest reproduction of the original U87 I have experienced"

— Tape Op Magazine

Hearing is believing

Performance by Adam Day

No compromises

Only the best components

In order to achieve the most faithful vintage sound, the DA 87i uses the highest quality materials throughout, including components from Vishay, Dale, WIMA, Panasonic, and more — polystyrene caps too.

Professional Shock mount & Wood Box

Protect in style

The included professional shock mount isolates your microphone from low-frequency noise and vibration for cleaner audio capture. And when your session is finished, every microphone deserves a good home. With the included custom wood box, you can safely store your DA 87i in style.

DA 87i Frequency Response


More info for the curious

  • Professional large diaphragm studio condenser microphone based on the earliest Neumann U87i designs
  • Perfect reproduction of the original U87 style circuit
  • DA-K87 — a stunning reproduction of the vintage K87 mic capsule
  • Custom DA-BV13 output transformer
  • Audiophile components including polystyrene capacitors
  • Cardioid, figure 8, and omni pickup patterns
  • Lo-cut (HPF) and -10dB (pad) switches
  • Wood storage box, shock mount, and swivel mount included
  • Self noise — 18 dBA
  • Signal-to-noise — 76 dB
  • Maximum SPL — 122 dB (132 dB with 10 dB pad engaged)
  • Frequency Response — 20 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Interface — 3-pin XLR
  • 48V phantom power required

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews

This was the second mic I ordered from you. My first was a DIY kit that was “exactly like the original”. I like my DIY kit it sounds great looks great and I was very proud to own it.
I was hoping to get a matching pair but what I got was nothing like the first mic I got.
It looks extremely different, it weighs a lot more, the cardioid pattern / grill looks completely different, it’s a lot bigger….. it doesn’t even fit in the same shock-mount!! Yet it also is supposed to be “exactly like the original”. I don’t understand how two items that are supposed to be reproductions of the same item could be completely different. I’m feeling taken advantage of - and also foolish for allowing myself to be tricked.

Hi Roger,

First, I'm sorry you feel like you were tricked somehow. That's certainly never our intention. When you ordered your DIY kit back in August of 2022, we were focused on primarily DIY kits as the core of our business. We have since pivoted to focus on prebuilt mics that are ready to use out of the box. While the quality is certainly the same (or even better I'd say!), we have moved to a new body design that is not the same as the body you would have received in 2022. It's not like we're hiding this -- there are pictures throughout the website, so I'm a little surprised that you didn't notice the updated aesthetics compared to what you already have. All that being said, the new body is nickel-plated brass, certainly an improvement over the previous generation model. The circuit and components are otherwise identical.

Further, you're certainly welcome to return the microphone if you're unsatisfied with the update. We have an easy 30-day money back guarantee. Please reach out via e-mail if you would like to return your microphone for a refund.


Dennis Yurong
Beautiful and functional

Love these professional grade mics,

Steven Borrelli

I love everything about this microphone. It sounds and looks beautiful. Very well made. A must-have in the mic locker.

David Siebels

I thought the DA 87i sounded great just trying it for the first time. Then I did an A-B test with a pristine vintage 1970s U87. I honestly could not tell the difference. Thank you Dachman!!

Torgeir Waldemar Engen
Bang for bucks

A really great mic that sounds good on almost anything. I will definitely buy another one at some point. And hope that you guys will make a clone of U67 and M49 as well.