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DA 87i

DA 87i DIY Microphone Kit

Build your own vintage '87 clone

Starting at $599 | Ships in early July

A legend, reborn. The DA 87i DIY microphone kit features a beautifully designed body, premium components, professional shockmount, wood box, and crystal-clear full-color instructions to guide you every step of the way.

Authentic sound

The DA 87i circuit is our faithful reproduction of the original U87i, inspired by the original schematics and updated for DIY. Every signal path is accounted for and adapted to make your build easy.

Quality components

The DA 87i DIY Kit includes our incredible DA-K87 capsule and components from Fairchild, Vishay, Dale, WIMA, and more.

Easy to build

Follow along with the detailed, full-color printed assembly guide. Build at your own pace with easy-to-follow instructions.

Lifetime support

Have questions during your build? We’re here to help with guidance and low-cost “just-in-case” replacement parts. You got this.

Hearing is believing.

It all starts with the capsule. Designed exclusively for the DA 87i circuit, the DA-K87 capsule is a K87 replica that features precision-drilled backplates and Japanese 6-micron gold-sputtered mylar. The result is a warm, musical tone and remarkably smooth highs.

Build your ’87 in an afternoon.

Easy to follow build guide. Lifetime support. Every DA 87i DIY kit includes a set of printed instructions so you can get started right away. Dachman Audio products are backed by free, lifetime support — we’re here to help.

Faithful, vintage-inspired circuit design.

The authentic sound of a legend — The all-new DA 87i combines the most sought after microphone circuit with premium components that are sure to impress even the most discerning purists. Every aspect of the DA 87i has been meticulously designed to create a microphone that captures your performance with the famous, vintage tone you’ve been chasing.

Premium components. No compromises.

A True K87 Condenser Capsule

Features premium gold-sputtered 6-micron Japanese mylar and precision-drilled electrically insulated brass backplates — it's what makes the DA 87i so special.

Genuine Fairchild JFET

The included hand-selected Fairchild 2N3819 JFET is the widely-accepted standard when you want to build a true '87 replica microphone.

Nearly impossible to find, we've invested in a large stock of genuine Fairchild JFETs solely for our DA 87i.

Custom Polystyrene Capacitors

An absolute necessity if you're going to build a spot-on '87-style vintage replica — polystyrene caps are a big part of the magic that make this mic the perfect choice on so many sources.

WIMA and Panasonic FC Caps

These industry-leading, carefully chosen components actually match and improve on the specifications of the materials used in the original, vintage microphone. 

Custom Transformers

The included T87 transformer gives the DA 87i all the vintage mojo you'd expect from the most famous microphone in recording history.

Pre-matched Resistors

Hand-selected and precision-matched, these 2.2k resistors have been measured to within .4% of each other — a big part of what makes the DA 87i low-noise, even for an '87-style replica.

Why the DA 87i sounds authentic

In order to achieve the most authentic sound, the DA 87 uses the highest quality materials throughout, including 1% resistors from Vishay Dale and WIMA capacitors.

Why the DA 87i is easier to build

Each DA 87i DIY kit includes pre-matched 2.2k resistors to within .4%, along with precision-measured Fairchild 2N3819 JFET that’s been hand-selected for optimal performance.

Elegant wood box included.

Protect your DA 87i in style with the included real wood microphone box.

Professional Shockmount.

The included metal shockmount isolates your DA 87i from vibrations and rumble.

"The closest reproduction of the original U87 model I have experienced."

What's Included

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