Electret Mamu

Electret Mamu

Big on performance. Easy on your wallet.

Schoeps-style DIY Microphone Kit

Sounds incredible. Easy to build. Versatile and affordable. The Electret Mamu is a microphone with professional pedigree — plain and simple. Based on the renowned Schoeps circuit design, the Electret Mamu captures a balanced, natural sound without the harshness present in many inexpensive, imported microphones. You’ll find that this microphone outperforms those that cost five or six times the price! It’s a great choice, whether you’re new to DIY or just want to add a phenomenal microphone to your mic locker.

A Great Kit for Beginners

Not only does the Electret Mamu sound great, but it’s easy to build too. With fewer than 25 electronic components, you can easily finish your microphone in the morning and still have plenty of time and energy to test it out in the afternoon. Bring your soldering iron and some solder, and you’re good to go.

Specs to Impress

Inspired by the legendary Schoeps circuitry, the Electret Mamu delivers performance that will surprise and impress even the most critical studio engineers.

With high sensitivity, low noise, and low distortion, the Electret Mamu is ideal for recording vocals, acoustic instruments, voiceovers, and just about anything else you can think of — it’s a true studio workhorse.

Capsule by Transound

The included TSB-2555 condenser capsule by Transound is known for its natural frequency response with a broad, gentle boost between 4 and 12 kHz.

Brilliant sound.
A simple build.

It’s never been easier to build your own professional studio microphone, with high-quality, tight-tolerance components combined with a pristine transformer-less design. 

What's Included

  • All metal microphone body
  • Transound TSB-2555 electret condenser capsule
  • Custom-designed PCB based on the legendary Schoeps circuit
  • Premium WIMA and Panasonic capacitors
  • High-quality diodes, FETs, inductors, and pre-matched resistors
  • Metal swivel mount
  • Leatherette microphone bag
  • Full-color, printed assembly guide
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Unlimited support