DA 87i

A Groundbreaking reproduction

DA 87i

Uncompromising sound.

The all-new DA 87i sets the standard for what an 87 reproduction should be — with an extraordinary mic capsule, perfect replica of the vintage circuit, and premium components throughout. It’s sonic performance you have to hear to believe.

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Nickel-plated brass mic body

A beautiful all-brass body designed to withstand the demands of daily studio life.

True Vintage sound

DA-K87 mic capsule

Our custom capsule delivers indistinguishable sonic performance compared to the earliest U87 revisions.

The circuit

Faithful vintage circuit design

A true feat of meticulous engineering — based on the original schematic from 1979 and updated to improve self-noise and reliability.

Custom output transformer


Designed specifically for the DA 87i — with a high nickel core, exceptional bandwidth, and low phase shift.

The DA-k87

No ordinary capsule.

Designed to faithfully reproduce the frequency response of the earliest U87 mic capsules — with 6-micron Japanese mylar, precision-milled backplates, and clean-room assembly.

The DA-K87 mic capsule delivers a warm, musical tone with remarkably smooth highs and impressive consistency from capsule to capsule.

The DA-k87

No ordinary capsule.

the mic circuit

Faithful vintage design.

The DA 87i combines our proprietary reproduction of the most sought after microphone circuit in history with premium, audiophile components that are sure to impress even the most discerning purists.

Every aspect of the DA 87i has been meticulously designed to capture your performance with the famous, vintage tone you’ve been chasing — and priced for everyone.

the closest reproduction of the original U87 I have experienced

Only the best components. In order to achieve the most faithful vintage sound, the DA 87i uses the highest quality materials throughout, including components from Vishay, Dale, WIMA, Panasonic, and more — polystyrene caps too.

Custom output transformer. Our all-new DA-BV13 output transformer was developed specifically for our DA 87i. With a high nickel core and authentic 9.5:1 winding, the DA-BV13 delivers exceptional bandwidth and low phase shift.

shock mount and wood microphone box

Protect in style

The DA 87i doesn’t just include a beautiful nickel-plated brass mic body and remarkable build quality. You also get a real wood microphone box, premium shock mount, and swivel mount for ultimate flexibility in any recording environment.

The included professional shock mount isolates your microphone from low-frequency noise and vibration for cleaner audio capture. And when your session is finished, every microphone deserves a good home. With the included custom wood box, you can safely store your DA 87i in style.

Key specifications

A legend Reborn

Now within your reach.

A legend Reborn

Now within your reach.

The original, vintage U87i is one of the most sought after studio microphones of all time.

However, a used U87i can sell for over $4,000 — often in poor condition — and can be over 50 years old!

If you’re after the sound of the original Neumann U87i from the 60s and 70s, we think you’ll absolutely love the DA 87i