Dachman Audio K47 Mic Capsule Series 2

Dachman Audio K47 Mic Capsule Series 2


The Dachman Audio K47 Series 2 mic capsule features dual diaphragms made from 6-micron American mylar, sputtered with gold.

We consider it an upgrade from the RK-47 mic capsule and a more authentic replica of the original Neumann K47 design.

The Dachman Audio K47 Series 2 mic capsule is a replica of the famous K47 mic capsule used in the Neumann U47 and U47 FET microphones. The K47 Series 2 is the ideal solution to fix imported microphones that have a harsh, sibilant frequency response. It’s also a great choice for DIY builds of the U47, 47 FET, and others.

Is your inexpensive mic harsh, peaky, and sibilant?

Many inexpensive microphones imported from China use an inexpensive K67 or K87-style capsule that is a bad fit for the microphone’s circuit. The K67/K87 design by Neumann is a classic, but it has a very sharp peak in the upper range that needs corrective EQ (usually provided by the microphone’s circuit). The unfortunate truth is that most budget microphone manufacturers try to clone the Neumann capsule but neglect to design their circuit with corrective EQ, and furthermore use low-quality components that are critical to the audio signal path.

The K47 comes to the rescue.

The Neumann K47 capsule has a flatter frequency response when compared to the Neumann K67/K87. This makes it an ideal fix for your harsh and peaky inexpensive microphone.

The Dachman Audio K47 Series 2 Mic Capsule is a premium single-backplate, double-sided microphone capsule, featuring a brass body, 6-micron gold-sputtered mylar, and a beautiful, vintage tone that captures the sound you’d expect from the original Neumann K47.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 1 in