DA-CK12 Microphone Capsule



The Dachman Audio DA-CK12 is a premium edge-terminated mic capsule replica of the AKG CK-12.

It features American-made 6-micron gold-sputtered mylar for a natural, balanced sound with smooth highs and warm lows.

We consider it an upgrade from the RK-12 and CK-12 Series 2 mic capsules, and a more authentic replica of the original AKG C12/CK12/414 design.

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The Dachman Audio DA-CK12 Mic Capsule is a premium, boutique-quality AKG CK12 replica manufactured using precision-drilled brass backplates and 6-micron gold-sputtered American-made mylar. The DA-CK12 capsule supports cardioid and multipattern condenser microphones, and is the ideal choice for many tube microphones including a DIY C12, ELA M 251, Apex 460, or Alctron T-11A.

The DA-CK12 features electrically insulated backplates, which make it a perfect choice for use with vintage circuits that require four capsule connections.

It’s also a fantastic upgrade that will transform the sound of many inexpensive imported microphones. Check the compatibility tab for some examples.

What’s Included:

  • Dachman Audio DA-CK12 microphone capsule
  • Mounting saddle + screws

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × .75 in