Electret Mamu
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Electret Mamu



The all-new Electret Mamu is a professional-grade electret condenser microphone that’s based on the legendary Schoeps circuitry.

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Based on a Classic Circuit

The DA EM features a meticulous design that’s inspired by the Schoeps CMC5 and adapted for use with an electret capsule.

A Workhorse Studio mic

You’ll find the DA EM to be one of the most versatile microphones in your mic locker. With its unhyped, natural frequency response, it’s a perfect match for vocals, percussion, guitars, and most acoustic instruments. It’s even great voiceovers when your work demands clean, balanced voice capture.

Premium TSB-2555 Capsule

The DA EM uses the studio-grade TSB-2555 electret capsule by Transound, a leader in electret condenser capsules. The TSB-2555 offers a wonderfully natural tone with a gentle high frequency boost, but does so without the harshness found in many inexpensive (and expensive!) microphones.

Premium Components

Whether you go DIY or pre-built, the Electret Mamu includes the same great high-quality components you’d expect in a Dachman Audio product. From high quality 1% resistors to low-noise capacitors, the sonic performance of the DA EM rivals that of significantly more expensive microphones.

DIY or Pre-Built

We believe that the Electret Mamu delivers one of the best price-for-performance offerings available today. Save even more by going DIY and we’re confident you’ll be amazed at what can be achieved in an affordable microphone.

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 8.125 × 2.875 × 2.9 in

DIY Kit, Pre-built