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Build your own vintage U87 style microphone and save thousands.

(Not into DIY? Available pre-built, too.)

A classic, reborn.
DIY made easy.

The DA 87i DIY Microphone Kit includes a beautifully designed body, premium components, shockmount, aluminum flight case, and crystal-clear full-color printed instructions to guide you every step of the way.


A vintage circuit.
Updated for DIY.

The simplicity of a single main PCB makes it easier than ever to build your DA 87i. Several improvements have also been made to reduce assembly time and enhance long-term reliability.

Tantalum capacitors have been replaced with high-quality electrolytics and multiple high-impedance connections utilize point-to-point soldering, which maximizes performance and keeps the noise floor low.

The all-new DA 87i combines the most sought after microphone circuit with premium components that are sure to impress even the most discerning purists. Every aspect of the DA 87i has been meticulously designed to create a microphone that captures your performance with the famous, vintage tone you’ve been chasing.

Hearing is believing.
Choose your capsule.

The DA 87i DIY Microphone Kit includes your choice of K87 capsule. The standard RK-87 offers excellent performance and value, or you can upgrade to our renowned DA-K87 for a tone that’s even closer to the original, vintage sound.

Dachman DA-K87

Electrically insulated backplates and American-made 6-micron, gold-sputtered mylar. Captures a balanced, natural tone that's reminiscent of the original, vintage capsule.


Electrically insulated backplates and Japanese 3-micron, gold-sputtered mylar. Provides impressive price-to-performance.

Premium components.
No compromises.

When you build your kit with components selected for quality and tight tolerances, you’ll have a microphone that not only sounds great, but one that lasts you a lifetime, too.

Authentic sound

In order to achieve the most authentic sound, the DA 87i uses the highest quality materials throughout, including 1% Vishay resistors and capacitors from WIMA and Panasonic.

Easier to build

Each DA 87i DIY kit includes pre-matched 2.2k resistors to within .4% and a genuine Fairchild 2N3819 JFET that’s been hand-selected for optimal performance.

Choose your transformer.
Cinemag now available.

Your DA 87i DIY kit includes a high-performance 9.5:1 output transformer from Cinemag, which delivers exceptionally wide bandwidth and low phase shift.

An aluminum flight case.
A shockmount too.

Protect your DA 87i DIY kit in style with the included aluminum flight case.  The tension-based shockmount isolates the microphone from environmental noise and vibration.         

Printed assembly guide.
Step-by-step photos.

Complete your build in an afternoon. Every DA 87i DIY kit includes a set of printed instructions so you can get started right away. Dachman Audio products are backed by free, lifetime support — we’re here to help.

The Technical Stuff.
Even if you’re not that technical.

What’s included:

  • 87-style mic body
  • PCB set
  • DA-K87 mic capsule
  • Cinemag transformer
  • Components from Vishay, WIMA, Panasonic, Fairchild, and more.
  • Shockmount
  • Aluminum flight case
  • Color, printed assembly guide
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Lifetime support


The Reviews Are In!

“The U87i clone kit from Dachman Audio has been well thought and planned to provide the end user, whether novice or experienced, something that sounds great, looks great and easy to assemble.”

"Amazing kit"

“All in all super happy. The booklet is straightforward and helps building the mic together and the sound speaks for itself! I’m very happy I got myself one!”

"Worth every penny"

“An excellent microphone kit with all needed parts and multi meter. Great sounding mic like original U87. Come with kindly explained paper printed manual.”

"Great microphone kit"