Love the sound.
Love the price.

Say hello to the DA 87SE.
 Inspired by the best of the DA 87i. Brought to life by the K87SE capsule. A standout performer in any scenario — the perfect 87 style workhorse.

The Mic Capsule

Hearing is believing

Thanks to the K87SE mic capsule at its core, the DA 87SE delivers the unmistakeable sound of history’s most legendary studio microphone.

The K87SE is made from all-brass backplates and imported gold-sputtered Mylar for authentic vintage performance complete with warm lows and silky smooth highs.

Beautiful inside and out

Vintage circuit design

The DA 87SE uses the same 87 style circuit as our renowned DA 87i — without the additional switches for variable pickup patterns, low-cut, and 10dB pad.

And just like the DA 87i, the 87SE uses high quality materials and components, including Panasonic FC capacitors, WIMA capacitors, polystyrene capacitors, and tight-tolerance resistors.

Custom BV13 Style Transformer

Wound to perfection

Our all-new DA-BV13 output transformer was developed specifically for our DA 87i and 87SE circuits. With a high nickel core and historically accurate 9.5:1 winding, the DA-BV13 delivers the exceptional bandwidth and low-phase shift you want in a world class microphone.

Key features

A legend refreshed

All vibe.
No fluff.

A legend Refreshed

All vibe.
No fluff.

A used U87i can sell for over $4,000 — often in poor condition — and can be over 50 years old!

If you’re after the sound of the original Neumann U87i from the 60s and 70s, we think you’ll absolutely love the DA 87SE. It’s a no-compromise, no-frills mic that delivers the classic sound you’ve been chasing — and at a price you’ll love even more.